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Trimix -- microingredients station

Trimix -- microingredients station

Constantly innovated, highly flexible and capable of handling a wide range of challenging materials, Trimix is CEPI’s solution for the storing and accurate dosing of micro ingredients. 

The current Trimix model is the result of a decades-long experience in the management of powdered microingredients. Able to dose micro quantities through a high-precision scale with by weight metering, and paired with the range and full integration of our automation systems, it has provided our installations with the highest levels of repeatability, precision and traceability. CEPI’s approach is holistic and aims to cover and provide continuity through all manufacturing operations, with touch panels and traceability software being designed internally and tailored to the specificity of each mechanical installation.

Trimix is a broad spectrum metering station for micro ingredients. It consists of modular and extendible hermetic units for powdered and granular ingredients, with fixed or mobile scale. Trimix has an easy-to-clean design with air blade system to clean the bearings, and comes with technologies to prevent leakage in the surrounding environment and leftovers within the storing units or scale. It is fitted with ground or table scale for manual metering of minor ingredient, weighed trolley, dust exhauster, integrated homogenizer and level sensors. Loading can be manual or pneumatic, with direct suction of the product from the sacks.

Recent innovations have made it possible to combine Trimix with hoppers of all sizes, achieving higher speed, volume and flexibility. It can handle an ever wider range of materials, including challenging ones such as lecithins and fibers. With higher capacity, increased agitator and a wider discharge passage, it is suitable for continous dosing in big production lines, without clogging or the formation of bridges even for hydroscopic ingredients such as crystal sugar.


Features & Technologies


  • Manual or pneumatic loading with direct suction of the product from the sacks

  • Ground or table scale for manual metering of minor ingredients

  • Weighing control in real time, integrated automation and full traceability with bar code reading

  • Mobile or fixed scale

  • Extraction system prevents bridges in the hoppers

  • Weighed trolley

  • Dust exhauster

  • Integrated homogenizer

  • Level sensors

  • ATEX compliant

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