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Complete flow packaging system for biscuits and crackers in stack portions and on edge inside trays

General Description:

The fully automated line is designed to be directly connected to the upstream equipment, collecting  crackers and dividing them in multiple independent wrapping systems. One third of the production is delivered to two flow wrapping machines equipped with piling systems, able to create stacks of biscuits and flow wrap them in single portions or strip packs. The other part of the production is delivered to four units able to create the portions of biscuits on edge, place them into trays and pack in flow-pack style.

Highlights of the whole line:

  • Hygienic design
  • Modular construction design
  • Top level of customization to achieve high flexibility and high level of automatization

Highlights of the Tray loaders:

  • Mechanical and mechatronic integration to the whole system
  • Modular construction according to the needs in terms of line capacity
  • Gentle handling of the products and simplified fast change size operations
  • Accurate control of the quantity of biscuits inside the trays

Technical Data: To be evaluated according to the request.

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