Blender: weighing, filtering and blending in a single unit. Our Blender weighs the ingredient, separates air from product during pneumatic transport and comes with vertical blender for the production of premix to ensure the highest flexibility across a wide range of food sectors.

The Blender is fast, accurate and clean, delivering a homogeneous mix of powders even for quantities lower than 1% of the total weight, in the span of 3-5 minutes. It can dose in the mixer in a single solution or by loss of weight in small batches. The Blender is fully automated and optimizes mixing and production times, as the blend is already homogenous before reaching the mixer.

The Blender can be used to mix ingredients before dosing or in place of the dosing hopper. Its speed makes it very suitable for continuous mixing systems. In installations with multiple lines it can be combined with hoppers to achieve the highest flexibility in production.

Available in sizes from 60 to 1000 liters, it can be loaded pneumatically or by gravity. It is equipped with slide valve and extraction is by with rotary valve or feed screw.

The blender is made in stainless steel and is ATEX conform. It comes with hygienic design and is easy to clean, fully inspectable and washable.

Integrated automation and full traceability.

Suitable for bread, pastries, ice cream, pasta, gluten-free products, cereal mix, cereal bars, baby food, functional food, spices mix, instant coffee and more.

Optimize your mixing and production times, all the while protecting the unique flavour of 

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