Dosing stations

Systems for the weighing and dosing of powders and liquids at the end of the line: modular dosing hoppers for powders and tanks for liquids controlled by electronic metering scale for the weighing.

Dosing can be continuous or batch, positive, by loss of weight, by volume or by weight.

The dosing process is coordinated by an integrated automation system including touch panel managing the production process (recipe management, production, product and hopper parametrization) and native software TRACKING SYSTEM software for full traceability with digitalization through barcode of the movements of all ingredients. TRACKING SISTEM includes recipe, ingredient and warehouse managers, and analysis of production history.

Features & Technologies:

  • Dosing is continuous or batch, positive, by loss of weight, by volume or by weight
  • Integrated automation: recipes, production, parametrization and traceability
  • Warehouse manager and analysis of production history
  • Weighing in real time
  • Ground or table scale for manual dosage of minor ingredients
  • Hygiene guaranteed by self-cleaning filter and dust exhaust unit with lid
  • CIP washing system
  • Discharging valve
  • Level sensor
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