Fermentation technology

Fermenters, yeast melters and bread re-work dissolvers for liquid sponge, rye and wheat sourdough. Highly versatile systems that can stand-alone or be easily integrated in the production process.

With a deep knowledge of the materials involved and of all aspects of the process, we offer highly flexible solutions that will add a tangible value to your production in terms of both quality of product and rationalization of resources, such as saving space, manpower, additives and yeast.

Our technology is diversified and can be optimised for the needs of each specific plant. We meet the highest standards of hygienic production and fully preserve the characteristics of the raw materials, producing healthy, natural and aromatic products with long shelf life such as rye, wheat and multigrain breads.


Features & Technologies


  • Fermenters, yeast melters and bread re-work dissolvers

  • For liquid sponge, rye and wheat sourdough

  • Double jacket and/or insulated tanks for a targeted temperature, in several sizes, which can be heated and cooled

  • Integrated cooling

  • Temperature control

  • PH control

  • Agitator with wall and floor scraper, with adjusted speed to gently work raw materials into the tank and to allow a good heat exchange, avoiding clumps formation

  • Inclined extraction

  • Upstream mixing for a more homogeneous dough and quick water absorption

  • Easy to clean design

  • CIP washing

  • Manual or automatic loading (by silos)

  • Weight control in real time, integrated automation and full traceability

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