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Reading Bakery Systems
Reading Bakery Systems Equipment Manufacturer from United States Equipment Manufacturer
Reading Bakery Systems is an international designer and manufacturer of baked snack food systems. Read more!
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United States
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Prism Emithermic Oven

The Prism Emithermic Oven offers radiant and convective heat transfer, and a humidity-controlled product zone, providing commercial bakers with greater flexibility and control when baking wirecut and rotary moulded cookies. Our automatic controls give the operator the ability to easily control, monitor and change the type of heat, temperature and air velocity. The recipes and oven settings can be programmed to maintain consistent quality, as well as eliminate the need for continual monitoring while the product is baking. This oven can be configured as pure radiation or radiation and convection depending on your product characteristics. The Emithermic Oven also uses Thermatec high radiant panels for more efficient radiant heat transfer.

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