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Wirecut & Soft Cookie Systems

The Thomas L. Green brand has been supplying the biscuit & cookie industry with reliable, efficient, cost effective production equipment since 1893.

Our cookie production lines create a variety of wirecut products. Production volumes range from 200 – 3600 kg/hour.

The Thomas L. Green Wirecut Machine creates a variety of cookies, biscuits and bar products.

It is designed to provide piece-weight accuracy and reliability, and is best for non-descript shapes, with or without inclusions.

The PRISM OVEN used in this system is a single-pass, flexible baking platform designed for balanced and consistent baking of a wide variety of products.

Capitalizing on the experience gained from hundreds of successful oven installations worldwide, the PRISM OVEN offers both recirculation and convection baking zones.

The combination oven utilizes the best of both zones with the recirculation zone providing product development and “cooking” functions, allowing the convection zones to provide efficiently controlled moisture removal and balanced coloring.

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