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Systems for the preparation, storage and metering of invert sugar

Systems for the preparation, storage and metering of invert sugar

System for the preparation, storage and metering of invert sugar. Fully or partially automatic depending on customer’s needs, it allows for both acid and enzymatic hydrolysis and complete control of parameters such as amount of water and temperature.

The system comes with a hopper for crystal sugar, heating device, production tank and exchanger with continuous recirculation, and storing tank. Invert sugar can be cooled before storing or after through an exchanger and chiller. The system includes temperature check with sensors and weighing cells, and allows for both manual or automatic feeding from the line and dosage of catalyst.

Our solution ensures shortened heating times and highly efficient mixing, delivering a homogenous blend in a very short time. The system optimizes steam, reducing waste and costs as well as production times. It standardizes and rationalizes production as well as improving the quality of the final product. With vast food technology expertise, CEPI is also able to provide support during the creation of a recipe, to find the perfect combination of process and ingredients to match the final product.

Features & Technologies:

  • Double jacket, or heated, or insulated tanks
  • Temperature control
  • Heating device
  • Cooling unit to stabilize the process
  • Production tank and storing tank
  • Exchanger fed by refrigerant (glycol or water)
  • Manual or automatic feeding from the line
  • Weighing in real time, integrated automation and full traceability
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