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WCM Wirecut Machine

The Thomas L. Green GenesisPRO Series WCM Wirecut Machine provides piece-weight accuracy and reliability when creating a variety of cookies, biscuits and bar products. A typical die set includes these parts: wirecut die, matching filler block and wirecutting frame. The WCM Wirecut Machine can be supplied as a mobile unit with an integrated transfer conveyor or it can be installed directly onto an existing production frame. 


The WCM Wirecut Machine uniformly cuts individual shapes by an adjustable wire-frame assembly at up to 300 cuts per minute (cpm) depending on product type.


The custom designed die assembly creates accurate and consistent piece weights. A precisely machined filler block is positioned beneath the feed rolls and mated to a manifold of wirecut cups. This assembly can be changed quickly between production runs for differently shaped products. The cutting wire can also be interchanged for products with different densities and inclusions. 


Touch screen operator controls provide adjustment for feed roll speed and cutting speed. Settings can be stored as a machine “recipe.”


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