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Asked on 12.02.2020.

Packagin is simple

Packaging is simple

I do regularly look into the questions posed in the techtalks. It calls my attention that there are few questions on packaging. Apparently, packaging does pose little problem in the day to day life. Still, Packaging is one of the biggest or even THE biggest cost factor in the production.

For that reason, I will bring this issue up on the next conference April 2-4. I will discuss with you the issue of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency). There are other aspects, but for time reasons, I will limit myself to these two, whereby OEE has my mayor attention.

In order to make this an interesting discussion, I would like you the to check the following for your own plant. Measure your OEE in a very simple and quick method. Having that number at hand, it will give a better impression what OEE really means and what you can do with the number.

Methodology: Take the number of Kg / hour your oven produces. If there are different products with different volumes, simply take the percentage of time. Below is an excel sheet with the explanation. If you are interested in making my presentation more interesting for you, please calculate your OEE.

Answered on 25.02.2020.

Hi dear Mr Kogelenberg;

I will come to conference.. I want to meet u and Im looking forward to listen your presentation



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