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Asked on 20.04.2023.

Exturded Corn Flips

Hello, we need some advice about production of extruded corn snacks. 

We are having problems with achieving "softer" structure of snack, we tried by lowering the water content during extrusion, and also by raising extrusion pressure. The structure that we got was ok, but the snacks keep sticking to our palate when eaten.  How can we achieve less sticky structure, but also to stay "soft" and fluffy? The ingredients for snacks are corn grits and salt in our recipe. We are using Schaaf extruder.

Thank you,

best regards.

Answered on 24.04.2023.

Tried to increase the oil in the formulation. It will help you to improve the texture and will be more fluency to reduce the pressure. More pressure represent more work over the corn, so the product will be more sticky. Tried to reduce the pressure reducing the viscosity of the mix.

It is important to the oil content of the corn. Review that please!


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