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Asked on 14.05.2018.
Chocolate shell molding line

Dear great people

I had customer (factory owner) who want to rebuilt their old BINDLER chocolate shell molding line machine as original as it can be. lot of part are missing and broken, they gave me the blue print about this machine but a lot of page are missing and had german language

most of them are running with mechanical sequence. is there anybody that had experience with this construction?what process that must be done here so it can make a complete chocolate shell moulding line system

i only can rebuilt their vertical cooling tunnel, heating tunnel for molding and chocolate depositor machine, beyond that..i have no idea

here i attached the only id plate that i got for this machine

Chocolate shell molding line

They can't aford to buy a new machine line, so the owner asked me to rebuilt's challange me

Accepted answer
Answered on 15.05.2018.

Hi Wendy,

that´s really a challenge. To be honest, I can´t imagine, that it is cheaper to rebuild the machine than to by a new one with low level of automatisation.
Especially the mechanical spare parts became more and more expensive over the last years.
To be sucessful with this task, you will need a good toolshop nearby and a inspired fitter. 

As I am not in moulding lines I can´t help personally but I can give you a contact of experts.

Böhnke & Luckau GmbH
+49 (0) 3943 602545

This is a small company with very good skills. Ask them and maybe they can give you some support.

I belive that it could be worth to contact Bühler-Bindler. Perhaps they are interested in the project because of public relations. Finally it speaks for itself, that the line is still on the market.

Kind regards


Answered on 15.05.2018.

Even if you are successful in rebuilt that complete line, it would result in lot of issues like wastage, breakdowns, yield losses, spare inventory issues. it is difficult to manage such a machine which u mentioned. It would be better to purchase the new machine.

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