Constantly innovated and highly customizable, Trimix is CEPI’s broad-spectrum station for the storing and dosing of powdered and granular micro ingredients, spanning from salt and sugar, to spices, inclusions, milk and cocoa powders, aromas and so on. Trimix can handle a wide range of challenging materials, such as lecithins and fibers.


Trimix system ensures repeatability, precision and traceability in the production of confectionery such as snacks, cookies, pastries, cakes, chocolate, candies, drinks, as well as bakery such as bread, pizza, short and long pasta.


It is completely hygienic with an easy-to-clean design, air blade system to clean the bearings and technologies to prevent leakage in the surrounding environment and leftovers within the storing units or scale.  


Trimix can store premix in its units or create a premix from separate ingredients to be later dosed in the dough. It is suitable for continuous dosing in big production lines, without clogging or the formation of bridges even for hydroscopic ingredients such as crystal sugar.


Dosage can be volumetric or by weight. Trimix is fitted with ground or table scale for manual dosing, weighed trolley, dust exhauster, integrated homogenizer and level sensors. Loading can be manual or pneumatic, with direct suction of the product from the sacks. 



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