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Codos NT - Continous mixing and kneading systems
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Codos NT - Continous mixing and kneading systems


The CODOS® NT also processes large quantities of dough. The continuous mixing and kneading system delivers consistent dough quality - around the clock. This means that the CODOS® NT always brings you a consistently optimal result at all times. CODOS® NT achieves top performance everywhere.

Continuous mode of operation vs. batch kneaders
Compared to a batch kneader, the CODOS® NT offers decisive advantages that make your production more effi cient and signifi cantly improve quality.

  • Reliable high-level product quality
  • Immediate reaction to fl uctuations in the quality of raw materials
  • Constant dough temperature
  • Quick recipe change
  • Gentle product handling
  • Increase in line effi ciency
  • Automatic operation
  • Easy to operate

Optimum raw material crosslinking at constant temperature
CODOS® NT ensures a constant dough temperature - thanks to a coolable or heatable double-walled trough design as well as intelligent solutions upstream, such as fl our cooling or the production of doughs without raising agents.

Intelligent dwell time control
The CODOS® NT is fl exible and open - and it also enables fast recipe changes thanks to the modular system confi guration. Ingredients or scrap dough can be added via various feed points along the trough. The dwell time of the comoponents in the process is also controlled in this way, which is important, for example, for sensitive raw materials such as fl akes, fruit pieces, etc. These can be incorporated almost non-destructively by adding them at the end.

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