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Sinobake Group LTD.
Sinobake Group LTD. Equipment Manufacturer from China Equipment Manufacturer
We have provided bakery solutions to 100+ countries throughout the world, ranking now the top 1 largest bakery machinery provider in China.
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Customized Biscuit Baking Tunnel Oven, Convection Oven with Electricity, Natural Gas or Diesel Energy

Industrial Customized Baking Oven:

We customized your baking oven according to your bakery products with direct heat or convection heat transfer method. We choose electricity, natural gas or diesel energy depends on the local energy price unit. Our best bakery solution always comes with a better profitable way of running business.

The biscuits can be baked on steel or wire mesh but the latter is the more common as higher baking speeds can be achieved. 

The production rate of an oven is defined by its length and the baking time needed to bake a product to the desired structure, colour and moisture content.

Technical parameter:

1. Three modes of heat transfer are used in our baking oven: radiation, conduction and convection;

2. Section size of furnace body: 1845mmX1805mm;

3. Furnace length: 3M/section;

4. Theoretical weight: 800KG/section;

5. Zoning: According to the length of the furnace body, it is generally divided into 2-4 zones, and each zone is automatically heated;

6. Power requirements: determined according to customer needs (generally 380V/50Hz);

7. The maximum installed power of each temperature zone is 216KW;

8. Power consumption: It varies according to the production process of the biscuit, generally 350-450KWH/T Biscuits;

9. Excellent heat preservation and flame retardancy, and the temperature outside the furnace is within the same range as the indoor temperature;

10. Production speed: determined according to the baking time of the product;

11.Temperature control, temperature digital display.

Please feel free to specify your requirements, and we can design the oven best fit you. No matter what bakery food you want to put in, we can always meet your expectation.

Simon, B.S.E.

Senior Sales Engineer

Mob & WhatsApp: +86 133 9224 0586

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