Globosilo -- outdoor silo in stainless steel

Globosilo -- outdoor silo in stainless steel

Outdoor silos in stainless steel with vibrating cone or fluidized bed for the complete extraction of product by the first in first out principal. Multiple extractions are also available.

Globosilos are built internally in dedicated tower. Our exclusive welding technique leaves no seams between the cylinders, reducing the risk of contamination to zero. The inner surface is entirely smooth inside to prevent the persistence of leftovers. Globosilos come with powder recovery filters and air exhaust system and are constantly perfected to meet the highest hygiene standards.

Includes: access door to the skirt with lock, manhole in stainless steel for control of the cleaning, and advanced safety technologies such as mechanic safety group for overpressure and depression, anti-explosion hatch and guillotine valve. Globosilos can be can be fitted with anti-condensation system for the control and regulation of internal temperature, and insulation or drying systems according to the stored product or in case of specific weather conditions.


Features & Technologies


  • Exclusive welding technique that leaves no seams between the cylinders, reducing the risk of contamination to zero

  • Anti-condensation & dehumidification systems

  • Recovering filters for powders and air exhaust system

  • Insulation and drying technologies

  • Bursting disk and anti-explosion hatch

  • Safety system against overpressure and depression

  • CEPATIC safety system against loading overpressure

  • Guillotine valve

  • Ladder to access the upper part and protection rail on the roof

  • Weight control in real time, integrated automation and full traceability

  • Control unit

  • Minimum and maximum level sensors

  • Extraction by vibrating cone or fluidized bed (patented)

  • Multi-line distributor

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