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Mixer type MZ

The sigma-shaped mixing arms, counter rotating at different speeds, are well known for their mixing efficiency and cutting performance of the mixed material, for the best and rapid dispersion and mixing of all raw materials loaded manually or automatically.

The mixing bowl, fully manufactured in 304 stainless steel, is equipped as standard with a jacket for the heating or cooling of the dough.

Tilting of the mixing bowl by means of mechanical devices, maximum tilting equal to 135° for the total discharge without the need of operator intervention.

Main features:


  • Mixing arms not connected mechanically, with variable rotation ration, and managed each one by a gear motor and a motor (motors managed by frequency converter);
  • The mixer is designed according to the current concepts and guideline of the food industry;
  • Unless specific request by the customer, our mixers are managed by the operator by means of HMI and PLC

Available options:


  • Front and rear tilting of the mixing bowl (120° front side, 90° rear side);
  • System only for the drainage of the cleaning water from the mixing bowl;
  • Cleaning system of the mixing bowl and water drainage;
  • Calibrated distance between the mixing arm and the cradle of the mixing bowl;
  • Mixing bowl in 316L stainless steel




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Apinox srl
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