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Vertical Mixer

Excellent qualitative product can be obtained with this mixer with high hour production capacity.The mixing is carried out directly inside the wheeled tub so then it can be easily carried to the fermentation room.

The output capacity of the VERTICAL mixers starts from 450 [kg/batch] up to a 1.100 [kg/batch].

These are the main features of the mixer:


  • fan assisted motor managed by frequency converter and brake resistor;
  • main electrical cabinet with air conditioner to keep the inner part of the cabinet at constant temperature;
  • management of the mixer through PLC and HMI interface;
  • mixing arms mechanically interconnected;
  • mixing group with vertical movement, the wheeled tub is on the floor.

Upon request, the version with the main chassis in 304 stainless steel is also available.

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Apinox srl
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