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Asked on 04.02.2022.

Steel Band Stickiness Greasing Problem

We are the manufactures of chocopie, we face sickness issue in our steel band while running the base cake. Can you please suggest the process of steel Band Waxing to eliminate sticking?

We tried band releasing oil , found increased in diameter of the base cake.

Answered on 14.06.2022.
Dear Arun, 

Pl try this combination of emulsifier which used for good pan releasing agent.  This can be applied on return band in thin layer and can be baked.  Please the that PGPR used in this raito only.  Please prepare the emulsion by heating the Palmoil upto 45*C and mix the PGPR once mixing done properly add water and apply the same.  

PGPR with Palmolien & water emulsion in the ratio 1:3:6

Pl give your feedback.  It can applied as water applied on the endless web in rotary moulding unit.
Answered on 20.03.2022.

Dear Arun 

it is not big deal , you can make a simple design with your engineering workshop .I shared at below a sample hand drawing  . It will cost roughly 4000 euro for 1.2 meter witdh of belt , if you fabricate inhouse. .  You can apply any brand of release agent which has ;

150-200 mPas viscosity 

%3-5 wax 

thank you. 

band oiler

Answered on 09.02.2022.

Oven band oiler

Hi Arun

The best way to apply a release agent to a steel band is with an intermittent spray and a polishing brush. Steel bands do have a habit of drying out and using this system the smallest amount of oil can be applied to keep the band sufficiently oiled. 

The rate of application by the spray guns can be tightly controlled and adjusted as well as the on/off speed to obtain an exact level of release agent applied to suit your product. 

Other release agents mentioned include a cereal/oil emulsion which is applied thickly to the band and is used to control the flow of the product during baking. (Jaffa cakes)

Arcall used to manufacture a lot of these systems for exactly your application


Answered on 09.02.2022.

Dear Arun,

And, Mrs Ozenly, sorry for addressing wrongly…

When using a solid carbon steel band a clean band surface I a must.

As said earlier; when clean, bees wax can be used to get a perfect non stick surface  for baking.

But, underside of belt is as well important. A dry underside might cause vibrations. Vibrations is not beneficial for shape, size etc of the product.

To prevent a dry underside graphite can be used.

Good luck/Staffan

Answered on 09.02.2022.

Dear Staffan;

Im not the person who asked that question firstly.. you replied me 

Firstly chocopie is produced onto the steel band not wire mesh band... impossible because the chocopie dough is so soft dough..

I advised that which type of releasing agent he can use..

he can make fat+emulsifier and some flour lubrication mixture for its production...

Answered on 07.02.2022.

PTFE conveyor belts work out non-stick properties while they are heat resistant, please look at

Answered on 04.02.2022.

Dear Arun,

I don't know if this has just recently come up or that you are facing these issues on a regular base. In our experience you need indeed a good clean belt with the right type of release agent. However if you use the wrong one, an increase of stickyness might occur. 

In another note we see that when there is a small inbalance between sugar(s) to flour-ratio this also happens, causes could lie in mixing, different flour, etc.

So if it wasn't before: what changed: materials, processing steps?

Answered on 04.02.2022.

Dear Mrs. Ozenli,

Difficult to see the belt type on the posted image.

Is it mesh or is it a solid band?

If it is solid the band should be carefully cleaned. When done bees wax should be polished in on the warm surface. Polish until nice black and shiny.

A natural food grade release agent can be used for greasing the belt in moderation just before product is introduced on the baking band.

A solid belt do normally not give you “sticking issues”

If you are using a mesh belt it is unfortunately outside my knowledge zone. My guess would be to look into your recipe. You want enough fat inside your product for the required texture, etc but you don’t want the fat to end up in the bottom of your oven.

Good luck and please let me know how things turns out.

Best regards/Staffan 

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