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Asked on 12.07.2020.


Dear Sir, 

We are using palm oil to frying instant noodles. This palm oil have to reject after FFA increase, this is why i have to count loss! For save loss i need you help:

1 . How can i reuse this in noodles? 

2. Or if i reuse it to other bakery products, will occur any quality and shelf life problem? 

Plz sir!      

Accepted answer
Answered on 03.08.2020.

u can not use it which has so high peroxide level higher 10.. or acidiy FFA 1.5.. it smells so rancid and it is so dangerous for cancerogenic results.  u have to destroy it..  it is not possible to reuse it to other all food products unfortunatelly.. 

Answered on 01.08.2020.

Dear Habib,

  1.  In Oil FFA increases due to oxidation.   Since free radical available at the end of the unsaturated fat chain the oxidation happens on heating.  This is irreversible reaction you cannot use this oil for shelf life products.  If you are consuming quickly on snack items it is ok otherwise it is not advisable to use as this is injurious to health on consumption.

    2.  It should be consumed across the shelf bakery products if it is palatable.  If it gives rancid smell you cannot do that also.  Before using in any bakery products check the peroxide value also.

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