Sternzym LQ 4020

Key Features

  • Reduced viscosity for a trouble-free production
  • Reduced water addition for energy savings
  • Waste reduction for cost savings


Wafer manufacturers are often forced to use different grades of flour, so the right composition of additives is becoming increasingly important.

Sternzym LQ 4020 ensures a consistent product quality, even with poorer flour grades, enabling a continuous and trouble-free production. The surface appearance is enhanced and uniform browning is assured.

Furthermore, Sternzym LQ 4020 improves the wafer production process by preventing clogging of sieves and pipes. A lower viscosity also means that less water needs to be added to the batter, which in turn means that less energy is required for its evaporation.

Wafer batters treated with Sternzym LQ 4020 have a more homogenous structure with a lower viscosity, leading to an improved workability and consistent results even when using different flour qualities (see Fig. 1).

Reducing the amount of water added to the batter by 5.6 % (see table) results in energy and process cost savings of about the same percentage.

This is due to the fact that less water needs to be evaporated during baking (see Fig. 2).​​​

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