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Fully automated handling and packaging line for biscuits on edge X-Fold style

Fully automated handling and packaging line for biscuits on edge X-Fold style

Such automated line is designed to be directly connected to the upstream equipment, collecting the flow of biscuits oriented in rows and delivering them to two independent wrapping systems. Each system includes buffering and stacking units to drive products from flat into on edge position in order to ensure to the line the most gentle and smooth feeding concept.  Each wrapping system is equipped with an automatic volumetric slug feeder able to create the portions of biscuits and transfer them gently into the X-fold wrappers’ flight bar conveyor.  

The X-Fold wrapper Model EUROFOLD is a full electronic machine equipped with a continuous unwinding film system and with a patented rotary sealing wrapping head.

Highlights of the Volumetric Slug Feeder:

  • Hygienic design
  • Modular construction design
  • Gentle handling of the products and accurate biscuits portioning
  • Top level of Flexibility à capacity of handling round, square, rectangular, dry and sandwich biscuits
  • Digital real-time integration between loader and wrapper ensuring full connectivity

Highlights of the X-Fold wrapper:

  • High output up to 90-100 packs/min
  • Increased pack quality and presentation thanks to the advanced and patented tight longitudinal sealing technology
  • Flexible and user-friendly HMI
  • Simplified fast change size operations

Technical Data: To be evaluated according to the request.

Some of the optionals:

  • Fully customization of the handling section according to the needs
  • Integrated corrugated carton feeder application
  • Easy opening
  • Labelling unit

Volumetric Portion Feeder

Rotary Wrapping Head

Lateral Sealing Unit               

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