Modular, customized and made in stainless steel, hundreds of our silos store and protect materials such as flour and sugar in food installations the world over.

Globosilos are built in-house in dedicated tower. Like all our technologies, they are a circular product that is easily revampable and has a long life, making your installation efficient and sustainable.

Globosilos come with single or multiple extraction to serve complex multiline distribution systems. Extraction can be done through fluidized bed or vibrating cone. Fluidization ensures flour oxygenation, accurate FIFO management and waste efficiency, while a vibrating cone can be applied to all products but is especially good for abrasive and hygroscopic products like sugar and salt.

Globosilo is hygienic and safe and comes with powder recovery filters and air exhaust system. Our welding technique reduces the risk of contamination to zero and the inner surface is entirely smooth to prevent the persistence of leftovers.

Silos include access door to the skirt with lock, manhole in stainless steel for control and safety systems such as group for overpressure and depression, anti-explosion hatch and slide valve. Globosilos can be fitted with anti-condensation system which controls and regulates internal temperature, and insulation or drying systems according to the stored product or in case of specific weather conditions. 


Our installations include fully integrated automation, traceability of materials and weight control in real time.



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CEPI Spa Equipment Manufacturer from Italy
Direct manufacturers of bulk-handling systems for the food industry. Fully automated systems for the storing, conveying and metering of raw materials.