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DymoMix - It is all about hydration


The DymoMix® works extremely quickly and dust-free, producing doughs with a homogeneous consistency. Flour or other dry materials are hydrated with liquids in seconds, exposed to air, and mixed before being introduced into the actual dough-making process. This produces doughs that can be used immediately or fed to the batch kneader or continuous kneader. The main focus of the DymoMix® is on pasta doughs, waffl e doughs and starters. It is suitable for both medium and large industrial plants.

Your advantages: 

  • Effective and inexpensive
  • Product-friendly hydration
  • Runs longer - less standstill
  • Versatile design 

Perfect solution for premixed doughs
The DymoMix® hydration system works as a premixer and is used as a supplementary production step between the dosing and kneading of doughs or other further processing steps. Since it can handle high amounts of liquid, it is the ideal solution for the production of premixed doughs. The DymoMix® is very small and space-saving and can be easily retrofi tted to existing CODOS® systems.

The nozzle for ideal hydration
Hydration takes place through a specially developed nozzle in the rotating shaft of the unit. It creates a liquid fi lm through which the powdered particles must pass and are thus hydrated. Thanks to hydration by centrifugal force, a high-quality product can be produced even at low added moisture, which can be processed immediately without intermediate steps

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