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Padovani Equipment Manufacturer from Italy Equipment Manufacturer
PADOVANI, a name granting a vast and proven experience in the design and manufacture of molds, equipment and machines for biscuit companies.
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Extruders and dropping machines

This catgory of machines is used for the production of filled biscuits, biscuits with two or three colours, wire-cut biscuits and plaited biscuits. 

The range of machines proposed, going from a width of 125mm to a width of 1200mm, is suitable for laboratories or artisan producers, as well as for big industrial productions. 

The smallest machines with a single outlet are very appreciated for the rapidity of production change, ease to use, suitability for small productions or for research and development laboratories.

Machines with a width of 600 in the version with trays or small tunnel ovens are at an intermediate level: they allow good production capacities while maintaining a very high flexibility and ease of use.

Finally, the category of industrial machines for tunnel ovens, is intended for large productions and can be completely automated.

A wide range of accessories is available to create the most varied shapes and to allow decorations and surface finishes of various types.

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