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Rotary moulding roller for soft biscuits

All moulding rollers can be manufactured in a single piece or with interchangeable rings. Currently, most of the moulds are manufactured with the rings system, which enables to add new shapes on the same roller, as well as the easy replacement of the damaged rings.

The shape and the dough that the customer wishes to use are the keys for evaluating the type of engraving needed. The main choices are: direct engraving on the roller/rings, direct engraving with surface coating, engraving on alimentary non-sticking plastic material, available also with bronze edge.

 All of the materials we use are provided with specific certifications, aiming to prove and authorise their application in the food production (direct contact with foodstuff). The most widely used materials are bronze and plastic. As far as the latter is concerned, we can propose our brand-new Food grade light blue, but our famous Ceflon is always available.

For a roller, the main critical points are lifetime and dough releasing capacity. Our main goal is improving these features, that's why our moulds are available with different special surface treatments and/or coatings such as temper, tungsten and teflon or teflon only.


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