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Procys Equipment Manufacturer from France Equipment Manufacturer
Procys is specialized in manufacturing production lines for processing & handling. Read more!
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Row distribution & Indexing

Procys makes machines where rows are distributed according to the circuit specifications. If products are not transferred after the last distributor, they can be accumulated with the possibility of recycling them automatically.

Our systems can handle flows of 10 to 50 rows per minute.


When products arrive in lanes at random, Procys' systems can organize a constant pitch that will allocate precise positions and allow to load the chain of a packaging machine, for example. With this kind of system, products are handled with no contact between products.

Depending on requirements and recipes, it is possible to group products by 2, 3, 4 or 5 (to obtain several products in a single package).

Products can be indexed up to 600 products per minute, depending on dimensions, fragility and other factors.

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