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Online printing with natural food ink

Online printing with natural food ink

Procys provides a printer able to customize your products with an innovative industrial device. The system can print with one or two colors and works with natural based food ink: brown based on caramel and magenta based on red beetroot.

This technology that can be declined in two applications

  • 1 to 4 rows: mobile device allowing to print from 1 to 4 lanes. This flexible and scalable system can be moved on several lines. It can be installed just prior a flowpack to print just before individual packaging.

  • 5 lanes and more: fixed system installed before or after the oven. There is one print head per product lane.

Innovative & trendy

Product customization is currently very trendy but the ability to carry it out industrially and in a flexible way is innovative. Our system allows changing the image or the text without any mechanical tooling (controlled exclusively by software).

Differentiation through food printing

Manufacturers are focusing on differentiation and added value. With printing, there are many applications possible including customization for direct-to-consumer advertising, to deliver a message, to highlight the brand name or simply for fun, etc...

Technical characteristics

Products positioning is very important. Products must be in the print head axis. Products are detected by photocells and printing is carried out on the fly when they pass under the head without stopping the production cycle.

The machine is controlled from a color touch screen: access to production, maintenance and cleaning parameters.

- printing resolution up to 400 dpi monochrome, 200 dpi for 2 colors,
- printable surface width: 65 mm,
- print head adjustable height,
- software controlled printing,
- system compatible with .bmp pictures.

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