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Meet the Driving Force of Biscuit Industry
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Waheed Ahmad
Biscuits/Cakes Consultant
53 biscuits
Evita Riviani Achmadi
Food Consultant | Raw Material, Product Development, Formulator, Packaging | Bakery Specialist | Food Safety and Quality, Processing| Food Scientist and Technologist
29 biscuits
R&D manager; Senior Technologist with 14 years of experience in confectionery industy
3 biscuits
David Woollard
Cracker Oiling & Seasoning Specialist
18 biscuits
Brett Beardsell
Consultant specialising in chocolate and cocoa support, business value improvement
49 biscuits
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Sonia Maria Broglio
Food Engineer - working as a Consultant since 2011, with more than 20 years of experience with cookies and crackers.
162 biscuits
Jacob van Kogelenberg
40 years experience in packaging
410 biscuits
Roberto Pineda Baking, Biscuits and Snacks Consultant
Biscuit, Crackers Consultant Ex PepsiCo R&D Sr.Director
111 biscuits