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David Woollard Cracker Oiling & Seasoning Specialist and Consultant
David Woollard
Cracker Oiling & Seasoning Specialist
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Oil absorption time in crackers
How to determine the best oil absorption time in crackers? How to determine the temperature effect?
Seasoning System
We are planning on investing in a seasoning system.  We are scheduling a test with an electrostatic seasoning application.  Does anyone have any experience with a dry seasoning system with an electros...
Steel Band Stickiness Greasing Problem
We are the manufactures of chocopie, we face sickness issue in our steel band while running the base cake. Can you please suggest the process of steel Band Waxing to eliminate sticking? We tried band...
salt + oil spraying in biscuits
Dear fellow members,I was presented with a biscuit sample with the following characteristics:shape: almost completely rounddiameter: around 8 mm (looks like a chickpea!)texture and crunchiness: simila...
Need help with Tray cleaning and Sugar spraying on biscuits
Hi, We are a traditional bakery SME out of India. We manufacture Osmania Biscuits with a wood-fired oven. We don't use any nonstick trays. We are currently facing a residue problem with the biscuit a...
puffed rice cake production consultant
do u know any consultant who knows rice cake production ? I have a customer who wants to install new rice cake production line in India Im so busy.. I will advice someone  thnx
Laminated Cracker Seasoning Application
Hello All, we here at Paradise Foods (Papua New Guinea) have been manufacturing crackers for 30 years with the same old seasoning/vegetable oil slurry spraying application that is continuing to have...
David Woollard
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25 January 2021
35 years working with 100's of cracker lines (Arcall Spray machines) all over the world. Mainly providing oiling and slurry conveyor application solutions for crackers, as well as tumble drum systems...