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Sparkly, Colorful and Perfect for Parties: Make Funfetti Biscuits!

Sparkly, Colorful and Perfect for Parties: Make Funfetti Biscuits!

When Funfetti biscuits and cake were invented they were a total revolution! In the 1990s, to have a successful birthday party, you had to beg your mom for Funfetti cake," baker and food blogger Molly Yeh told The New York Times. "It was as if chocolate and vanilla no longer existed."

The complete collection of biscuit types offers a whole ocean of different biscuits whether we talk about design, taste, icing, sprinkles, toppings, shapes ... As many as there are people on Earth, there are as many different flavors for cookies. Which one is your favorite flavor or spice to spice up your life?

What if we tell you that sprinkles, sparkles, and colors are not only reserved for the design of clothes and items, but you can also have them on your cookies? Kids will adore those ... Imagine throwing a kids birthday party - they will be amazed by the colors of today's biscuit topic - Funfetti biscuits!

Throw a party!

We are aware of the difficult times we are in where a party is not a welcome activity. We have to take care of each other and because of that the parties have been moved to some better times when the pandemic passes, but it's nice to hope. Also, in the warmth and security of our home, we can always prepare the feeling of parties for our loved ones with party cookies - as we like to call those Funfetti biscuit types. Stay with us and learn a quick and easy recipe to prepare and all about the origins of Funfetti biscuits.

Just to say, one time New York Times journalist even wrote that millennials are obsessed with rainbow desserts because Funfetti was so big when they were released in the '90s.

It all started with a confetti cake

Confetti cake is a sort of cake that has rainbow-hued sprinkles heated into the batter. It is called confetti cake since when prepared, the rainbow sprinkles liquefy into dabs of splendid shading that take after confetti. Typically the batter is either white or yellow to consider a superior special visualization. The cake, by and large, comprises flour, spread, preparing powder, salt, sugar, vegetable oil, eggs, vanilla concentrate, milk, and rainbow-hued sprinkles. The cake typically has an icing made of spread, salt, powdered sugar, vanilla concentrate, and milk.

Who invented confetti cake?

The cake was made in 1989 when the Pillsbury Company presented another sort of cake called "Funfetti" cake, a portmanteau of fun and confetti. This was a white cake blend in with kaleidoscopic sprinkles blended into the hitter. The cake's interesting look was intended to focus on the segment of youngsters. The cake before long picked up ubiquity and in 1990 Betty Crocker acquainted a treat that was with be eaten with icing that had sprinkles blended into it, called Dunk-a-roos. Even though the cake is commonly presented with plain icing, Pillsbury likewise offers "Funfetti" icing, with rainbow sprinkles added. Pillsbury possesses the brand name to "Funfetti" so the cake is commonly called confetti cake, or can likewise be alluded to as a sprinkle cake.

At the height of its height, the craze of Funfetti spread beyond cakes into martinis, cheese balls, and cinnamon rolls. In 2016, Pinterest said that the rainbow sprinkle craze saw users saving 260 percent more Funfetti ideas than they did during the previous year between the ages of 25 to 34.

funfetti conffeti

The commercial was an instant success!

The first get-to-know Funfetti biscuits started with a commercial. Wow, and it hit fame instantly! The organization made this simple cake blend and broadcasted the first commercial for it and it was a momentous achievement. Each child during the '90s either hosted or went to a birthday get-together that included that new and energizing sprinkle cake. One New York Times columnist even has the hypothesis that twenty to thirty-year-olds are fixated on rainbow treats in light of Funfetti being so huge during the '90s. 

Making Funfetti is a very simple sweet since it's vanilla cake and beautiful sprinkles.

It highlighted the Pillsbury Doughboy exploding a normal yellow cake as the voiceover asked, "Want a bigger bang out of your next birthday?" 

The appropriate response was yes. Funfetti immediately turned into an unquestionable requirement host for youngsters' birthday gatherings during the 1990s. As The New York Times recommends, that could be the reason grown-up twenty to thirty-year-olds have quite a weakness for the rainbow-colored cake. 

After the achievement of Funfetti, different mass cake makers began to go with the same pattern. Betty Crocker made "Rainbow Chip Cake" and Duncan Hines made "Signature Confetti Cake". Be that as it may, if you need the first Funfetti, you'll just discover it from Pillsbury.

Is Funfetti just vanilla with sprinkles?

Funfetti is just vanilla cake mix with candy sprinkles baked in. But it's been a grocery-store and birthday-party staple since Pillsbury invented it, as we have mentioned in the beginning. It has its brand name and has produced innumerable gourmet pastry kitchen "confetti cake" riffs.

The most usual birthday cake

 A confetti cake is a type of cake that bakes into a dough during biscuit baking process in the shape of a rainbow-colored dough. It is called a confetti cake because, when baked, long sprays melt into dots of light color that resemble confetti. The dough is usually white or yellow to achieve a better visual effect.

funfetti birthday cake

Pillsbury's birthday 

Last year it was Pillsbury's big 30th birthday and they gave shoppers the first new non-seasonal Funfetti mix since the OG came out. 

Galaxy flavor, then the new one

There was firstly invented Funfetti Galaxy, the yellow cake mix and space-blue frosting set launched around the moon landing's 50th anniversary. It has fun silver rocket ships, yellow stars, and white sprinkles inside.

30th birthday flavor

Funfetti Unicorn is the mix fans of fruity desserts have been waiting for: strawberry cake and cupcake mix. It has yellow and purple candy bits inside and a Unicorn vanilla frosting with purple and pink unicorns, yellow stars, and pink and blue sprinkles.

Not only for childhood and birthdays: Funfetti for wedding

Now that we put focus only on birthdays we have to add the fact that Funfetti is not reserved only for kids birthday parties, Funfetti cakes and biscuits are usual for weddings too. 

There are so many dessert ideas for the wedding day that includes funfetti and we are here to present you with some:

These perky, bright, jimmy-glad desserts are fit to sit at your wedding's sweet table. The nostalgic flavor makes an incredible finish to your big day and will be a particular success if you duplicate any of these yummy thoughts. 

From consistent with your-childhood cupcakes, these scrumptious weddings treat thoughts will satisfy any visitor. To grasp the unicorn pattern with a collection of rainbow treats, or conceal a fly of shading inside a subtle cake. In any case, you'll be bringing your large day a sprinkle of lively eccentricity. Ahead, our number one wedding treats with sprinkles.

  • Funfetti sprinkle cupcakes

  • Funfetti donuts

  • Funfetti layered cake: When is the right time to have the biggest cake you've ever had? Wedding, of course! Lay your sprinkles to the rooftop!

  • Funfetti brownies

  • Funfetti little bites

Now that we have mentioned a few versions that include sprinkles and funfetti it is time to introduce you to versions you can make yourself, easy at home. 

Making funfetti biscuits at home

As mentioned earlier, we find ourselves in tough times where we spend most of our time in the security of our own homes so why not make that time as easy as you can with delicious cookies. A gloomy winter day is best brightened up with colorful, sparkly biscuits - in addition, if a celebration or birthday is approaching, you know what your first choice is. 

There are so many versions of funfetti biscuits that you can make: even well-known types of biscuits such as Shortbread, Oreo, or different types of muffins and brownies can be made with this special, colorful, rainbow addition. If you add icing for biscuit it will level up them too. As with everything in life - it only takes a little imagination, inspiration, and will, and voila - you have your decorative dessert. 

We are your main allies in this, who will guide you with simple recipes on how to make them while protecting yourself and others in the safety of your home. The first recipe only needs three ingredients - we can handle it, right? :)

They are truly difficult to wreck as well, which makes them the ideal treats for your children to make on their own. The outcome is a delicate, chewy, rich treat with the exemplary cake player flavor. You can even add rainbow jimmies in the mixture to add a fly of shading. They are so straightforward and ideal for any festival! 

Funfetti biscuits

You just need a container of funfetti cake blend, oil, and eggs to make this formula. 


  • Box of funfetti cake mix
  • Vegetable or canola oil 
  • Eggs 

*The thing about decorations:

You don't have to add sprinkles, yet sprinkles and shadings are consistently a good thought to add extra in the mixture. You can likewise roll the batter in sprinkles like underneath to add more tone. For the beautification, the fly of shading sure makes them pretty :) 

In case you're making these treats around the special seasons, you can utilize occasion sprinkles rather than rainbow jimmies. It is amusing to make a Christmas or Valentine's Day variant.


Combine the ingredients in a large bowl with an electric blender. Overlay in the sprinkles whenever wanted. At that point cool the mixture in the ice chest for 15 to 20 minutes, so that it's simpler to work with. 

Utilize a medium treat scoop or spoon to scoop the mixture into balls. Move-in additional sprinkles whenever wanted. At that point put on a material lined heating sheet. 

Heat at 350°F for 8 to 10 minutes on the stove. You need the treats to be set, yet not earthy colored. Let cool on the prospect few moments, at that point move to a cooling rack to cool.

Can you freeze funfetti biscuits?

These treats can without much of a stretch be frozen if you have additional ones (but hardly, we'd say, who would hesitate to eat them all?). Let them cool totally, at that point freeze on a heating sheet for around 30 minutes. When they are difficult to contact, add to a cooler compartment or sack and store in the cooler for as long as 3 months. 

To defrost, eliminate from the cooler and let sit at room temperature for 2 hours before serving.

Extra freezing tip: You can add cream cheese frosting and that would give a completely different dash of taste, something like the icing for biscuits to them.


It's made with only 4 straightforward fixings and meets up in minutes! Don't hesitate to include a few drops of food shading or extra seasonings like cocoa, lemon juice, or squeezed orange. 


  • Cream cheese 
  • Unsalted margarine 
  • Powdered sugar 
  • Vanilla concentrate 

Instructions To Make Cream Cheese Frosting 

  1. Beat cream cheddar and margarine in an enormous bowl until smooth. 
  2. Add powdered sugar and vanilla, and beat just until joined and soft. Make a point, not to over blend. 
  3. Taste and add a spot of salt or additional vanilla if necessary. On the off chance that you'd like a better and thicker icing, add 1/2 cup more powdered sugar. 
  4. Store in the fridge for 3 to 5 days. 

Have extras?

Spread on top of a graham saltine or over a strawberry with a couple of graham wafer crumbs. Just add more powdered sugar on the off chance that you favor a better and thicker icing or add more milk for a dripper cream cheddar coat. Or then again even include your #1 flavorings like cocoa, lemon, or orange.

Recipe by:

Shortbread Funfetti Biscuits

Shortbread is a traditional Scottish biscuit that is usually made from one part white sugar, two parts butter, and three parts plain wheat flour. Other ingredients like rice flour or cornflour are often added to change the texture. Also, did you know that it is said that shortbread biscuits bring luck to brides? Another great new: You can make them in the Funfetti version!

Ingredients for the shortbread:

  • 300 g plain white flour
  • 200 g unsalted butter
  • 100 g sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • For the decoration: 
  • 150 g white chocolate
  • 80 g funfetti sprinkles


  1. Preheat the broiler to 180°C (fan 160°C, gas mark 4) 
  2. Filter flour into a bowl with the sugar. Hack the margarine into 3D shapes and afterward add it to the bowl of flour and sugar. (Cubing the spread first will help you in the subsequent stage). 
  3. Rub the margarine into the flour and sugar with your fingertips. At the point when the mixture starts to frame shape, add a couple of drops of vanilla concentrate and ply in a portion of the sprinkles. These may blur in shading when prepared to rely upon the sort of sprinkles that you use. 
  4. Turn the batter out on a daintily floured surface and utilize the star cutters to remove shapes. 
  5. Spot on the preparing sheet and chill in the refrigerator for 30 minutes before heating for 15-20mins. At the point when brilliant, eliminate from the broiler and leave to cool on a cooling rack. 
  6. When the biscuits are completely cooled, soften the white chocolate and dunk every scone most of the way into the chocolate. Finish with sprinkles on top of the dissolved chocolate and leave aside to set.

Recipe from:

Funfetti cookies

Funfetti birthday cake Oreos

Surely, oreo is the world's most famous cookie brand. They have many limited edition biscuits but special for this topic is of course – birthday cake Oreo. 

Birthday Cake Oreo cookies were a limited-edition release in February–July 2012 to celebrate Oreo's 100th birthday.

The limited-edition Oreo cookie looks like any regular Oreo, but one of the cookies has a special birthday design: colored candy sprinkles.

Extra tip: You can even make Funfetti Oreo cake.

Snap them, Funfetti biscuits are photogenic

Did we inspire you a little for a party or a birthday? If you don't know what to give to loved ones for the holidays, aren't funfetti biscuits the right choice? Wrap them, they are decorative enough. Also, they are very photogenic so if you make them feel free to send us at we would like to see your work, share experiences, and more. Have a great party, that is the only wish we have for you, lovely biscuits will do half of the job.

Leading image: MShev/

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