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Pi & Ki - EGI Group
Pi & Ki - EGI Group Biscuit Manufacturer from Kosovo Biscuit Manufacturer
Pi & Ki factories are equipped with ISO certificates, biscuits are produced with the most advanced technology of the time and our products are equippe...
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Party and Fish Crackers

Party and Fish Crackers

Country of origin:Republic of Kosovo.

Produced by: EgiGroup L.L.C ,Zahaq-Pejë-,PN.30000.

Store in a cool,dark place.

Expiry Date:365 days.

Certified by:ISO 22000:2005,KOSHER,HALLALL.

Ingredient info - Party Crackers:
Wheat flour,Powdered sugar,Vegetable fat(Palm),Glucose syrup,Whey powder,Malt extract,Soy lecithin,Kitchen salt,Addition to the dough(Ammonium bicarbonate ,Baking soda),Sodium metabisulphite,Sunflower oil.


Ingredient info - Fish Crackers:
Wheat flour, Vegetable fat(Palm),Sugar, Glucose syrup, Malt extract, Soy lecithin,Salt,Baking powder, Ammonium,Acidity regulator:SAPP,SMS, Whey powder.


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