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Consolidated Biscuit Co. Ltd.

Consolidated Biscuit Co. Ltd., was set up in 1982 and is based on the island of Malta. We are mostly known as the Cracker Company due to the technical knowhow in developing bespoke and innovative crackers and savoury snacks for major European Brands. We also produce top quality biscuits, baked confectionery and snack foods which are widely marketed and distributed in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Americas.

The Devon brand is today  mostly known for its  Cream Crackers and Digestive Biscuit range however the range offers cream biscuits, cookies, various crackers and a sugar free tea biscuit. Our private label business is mostly focused on Crackers, Flavoured Savoury snacks and Gluten Free Baked Rice or Corn Snacks.

The Company is BRC certified coupled with a certified Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) System which is internationally recognized as being one of the most effective safety control systems in the food industry.

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