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Potato Chips

Potato Chips

Potato Chips


A variety of snacks based on potato flakes and modified starch

Ingredient list:

Ingredients: Potato flakes, starch, rapeseed oil, sugar. sunflower lecithin, sea salt, sunflower oil, colour (annatto)

Formulation: Recipe 1 (Baked)

Potato flakes 100.000
Modified starch 18.861
Granulated sugar 7.037
Fat / oil 3.019
Lecithin 0.313
Sodium bicarbonate 0.758
Calcium phosphate 0.564
Water 82.500


  1. Pre-blend at low speed: calcium phosphate, starch, sugar, fat/oil, lecithin, 25% of the potato flakes,
  2. Add 60% of the water at 50oC and mix.
  3. Add 33% of the potato flakes and the remaining water and mix.
  4. Add remaining potato flakes and the soda and mix.


The dough is sheeted very thin and rotary cut.


Direct Gas Fired oven with a pre-heated Compound Balanced Weave band. Baking time: 3 minutes.Read more about Biscuit Baking Process.

Formulations for potato snacks

Recipe 2  (Baked and fried)

Potato flakes 100.000
Potato starch 67.773
Salt 7.500
Emusifier 2.500
Water 100.000

Dry blend: 2 minutes 
Add water, mix: 2 minutes  

Biscuit cutting machine: sheet to final dough thickness  0.7mm
Bake at 150oC for 2 minutes. 
Fry in vegetable oil at 190oC

Recipe 3 (Baked and fried)

Potato flakes milled 100.000
Potato starch 5.307
Salt 0.514
Blend of Glyceryl Monooleate / sunflower oil 1.541
Water 63.700

Bake: 3 minutes
Fry in vegetable oil at 170oC


Recipe 4 (Baked and fried)

Flour 100.000
Masa flour 38.461
Modified starch 7.308
Rice flour 15.385
Salt 3.077
Emulsifier 1.538
Water 67.307
Dry blend for 2 minutes
Add water, mix 2 minutes slow, 1.5 minutes fast
Sheet dough to 1.0mm thick and gauge to 6mm
Bake for 2minutes at 100o
Fry in vegetable oil at 190oC

Recipe 5

Ingredients by mixing stages  
Stage 1  
Calcium acid phosphate 0.566
Corn starch 18.865
Granulated sugar 7.040
Potato flakes 23.700
Vegetable oil 3.021
Lecithin 0.313
Mix 1 minute at low speed  
Stage 2  
Water at 60oC 47.400
Mix 1 minute at low speed
Mix 1 minute at high speed
Stage 3  
Potato flakes 33.654
Water at 60oC 35.076
Mix 1 minute low speed and 0.5 minute at high speed  
Stage 4  
Potato flakes 42.660
Sodium bicarbonate 0.758
Mix 8 minutes (approx.) at low speed 
Dough temperature 40-44oC
Rest dough for 50 minutes

Munchies potato snacks


Small snack size biscuits with potato powder, oil sprayed and topped with salt and vinegar.

Formulation for Munchies

Flour 100.000
Potato powder 23.080
Dried gluten powder 3.077
Sugar 0.923
Fat 19.230
Skimmed milk powder 3.462
Salt 3.077
Glycerol monostearate 2.770
White pepper 0.058
Meat flavour 0.385
Baking powder 0.038
Lactic acid 0.135
Water 46.000


  1. All ingredients except potato powder, lactic acid, baking powder and water. Blend for 1 min.
  2. Add lactic acid and 75% of water. Mix for 5 mins.
  3. Add baking powder dissolved in water. Mix for 2 mins.
  4. Add potato powder. Mix 3 mins.
  5. Add remaining water. Mix 15 mins.

Standing time



Laminator and cutting machine


Baking time:  3.45 mins.
Temperatures:  225 / 240 / 200 / 175 oC

Biscuit, Cookie and Cracker Book

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