Synergy Flavours

Versatile vanilla

Versatile vanilla, the world’s favourite flavour….

Consumers today are increasingly demanding improved transparency of labelling from bakery manufacturers; expecting shorter and more natural ingredient lists. For consumers who value honest products, Synergy flavours has the platform to deliver true-to-nature tastes.

At times of uncertainty, we tend to turn to comfort in nostalgia and no flavour is more familiar to consumers globally than classic vanilla. Synergy’s 100-year-plus heritage and direct links with farms in Madagascar allows us to create the most natural and authentic vanilla profiles that so many consumers know and love. Whether it’s the creamy, caramel notes in frosting or rich smoky tones in cookies, our versatile vanilla portfolio adds indulgence to a variety of bakery products.

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Synergy Flavours Ingredients from Italy
Synergy Flavours
Synergy Flavours is a leading global innovator in flavourings, extracts and essences.