Errebi Technology

Rotary Cutters

The Errebi rollers with interchangeable rings for rotary moulding machines were developed through fine precision work.

They guarantee perfect moulding, even with filigree-like decoration. A special plastic material for biscuit moulds that is highly resistant to abrasion of various products employed such as sugar, bicarbonate, sodium ammonium, etc., is injected into the cavities.

They are pantographed in order to guarantee perfect release.

Construction: the moulding roller consists of a steel tube core to avoid any type of flexion. The tube is covered with interchangeable bronze and plastic rings.

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Errebi Technology Equipment Manufacturer from Italy
Errebi Technology
Looking for quality moulding equipment? Errebi Technology is a world-famous Italian company making rotary moulding rollers and rotary cutters. Read mo...