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Butter Cookies

Butter Cookies

Butter Cookies are also known as Danish cookies, Brysslkex and Sables. These baked goodies are categorized in The Biscuit Collection as crisp cookies because of their texture. Butter cookies are also called sweet biscuits in other parts of the world, in reference to the sugar content.


How to make Butter Cookies?

Basically, butter cookies have no flavoring in order to maintain the real buttery taste. But modern varieties have emerged and there are commercial butter cookies in chocolate, vanilla and coconut flavors. There are also butter cookies that are prepared with sugar crystals on top.

The most common shapes of butter cookies are rounded, square, rings, oval and Pretzel shaped. The most sought after butter cookies are those that come in twisted shapes. Originally, commercially distributed butter cookies are packed in tin cans. Different shapes and sizes of butter cookies require different oven temperature and baking time. Most butter cookie recipes are maintained simple to fully enhance the flavor of the butter.


In North America and some parts of Europe, butter cookies are served during the Christmas season. Some people love serving butter cookies for their afternoon tea, while others love having them as snacks for office or school breaks. In modern times, butter cookies are also used as ingredients in refrigerated cakes and cheesecakes. They are crushed and their high buttery flavor certainly add tastiness and texture to these unbaked concoctions.

butter cookie


The main ingredients for a simple butter cookie recipe are wheat flour, butter and sugar. Because of few number of ingredients used, each one of them plays a big and important role in the outcome. For a rich tasting butter cookie, it is recommended that fresh and unsalted dairy butter be used. Flour and powdered sugar should also be the best in quality in order to achieve the best textured butter cookies. Some bakers add additional flavor by adding drops of real vanilla extract and rose water.

The high content of butter in the recipe causes the biscuits to brown perfectly and to rise more easily from the baking pan. And also because of the butter content, raw dough can be dropped directly into the baking pan and there will be no need to use shortening or to spray cooking oil. Butter saturation immediately reacts to the oven heat and releases instant moisture. For a chewy result, half of the buttet content can be replaced with vegetable shortening.

The Most Popular Butter Cookie Brands

The popularity of butter cookies is an undeniable fact. The proof of that is the number of butter cookie brands that are available worldwide.

Royal Dansks

Royal Dansks offer butter cookies that are guaranteed baked in Denmark. It was 75 years ago when a small bakery was opened in a Danish small village. This bakery produced the best butter cookies within the area and when the demand increased, so did the business.

It was in 1966 when the Royal Danish brand was eventually established and the products distributed by this cookie making company are packed in highly recognizable tin cans displaying the Hjemstavnsgaard, an old Danish farmhouse located in the Fuen Island in Denmark.

Tin cans were used in order to effectively maintain cookie freshness. The best thing about the tin cans is that they are resealable, which is ideal if the cookies are not finished after opening. Tin cans are also reusable as storage for other products or as bowls. The Royal Dansks tin cans are also widely known as the Blue Tins. Today, butter cookies from the Royal Dansk are just as delicious as the cookies originally baked from the recipes from that small bakery in the tiny Danish village.

Kjeldsens Danish Butter Cookies

Another famous butter cookie brand is the Kjeldsens Danish Butter Cookies. This brand has been giving the world the best tasting butter cookies long before pre-mixes are made available in the supermarkets. Just like the Royal Dansk brand, the Kjeldsens’ butter cookies are also packed and distributed in tin cans. A tin can of Kjeldsens Danish Butter Cookies is packed with delicious and mouthwatering cookies in different shapes and sizes – pretzel-shaped, twisted, round, rectangular and oval.

Other famous butter cookie brands include: Happy Time Butter Cookies (Shantou Mico Foodstuff Co. Lt. – Guangdong, Mainland China); Danish Butter Cookies (Shantou Slg Foods Co., Ltd. – Guangdong, Mainland China); WINSUN Danish Butter Cookies (Guangdong Winsun Food Co., Ltd. – Guangdong, Mainland China); KOKOLA Montego Danish Butter Cookies (UNGGUL INDO MODERN SEJAHTERA (UNIMOS) PT – Indonesia); Nordan Butter Cookies (Guangzhou Lailihong Food Industry Company Limited – Guangdong, Mainland China).

>Danish Butter Cookies: Process and recipes

Nutritional facts about Butter Cookies

A 43 gram serving of butter cookies provide 200 calories. These 200 calories can be easily burned running for 18 minutes or by biking for 38 minutes. Butter cookies have been around for so many years and they have actually made Denmark a very popular cookie world capital. There was a time when Danish butter cookies have lost their appeal due to the wide availability of other cookies and baked goods, and this resulted in manufacturers producing other products. But, butter cookies are back in demand, and once again they adore most dining tables from all over the world.

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