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Biscuits for Nutrition and Energy

Biscuits for Nutrition and Energy

Many people are in need of food for sustenance at this time. Biscuits can provide valuable nutrition and energy.

Biscuits are the first and best convenience food.

  • Require no preparation – eaten straight from the pack
  • Have a long shelf life, 6-12 months
  • Nutritious, providing protein and energy
  • Can carry vital minerals and energy

In many countries, biscuits play a vital part in providing nutrition. An example is the glucose biscuit. In India Parle Products sells approximately 13 billion of their Parle G biscuits each month. The glucose biscuit is a short, sweet, rotary moulded product. It is cheap, nutritious and satisfying.

biscuits. nutrition, energy

Product specification

Dimensions 58x37 mm 55x34 mm
Thickness 6.7 mm 5.4 mm
Weight 5.2g 4.7g
Appearance Bold design  
Colour Golden  
Texture Short and tender  
Flavor Sweet  
Moisture 1.4-2.0%  


Flour (weak)                                100.00
Powdered sugar                          29.50
Palm oil                                       19.50
Lecithin                                         0.62
Glucose 42DE                              2.50
Fructose                                       1.25
Skimmed milk powder                  2.35
Calcium carbonate                       0.55
Salt                                               1.10
Sodium acid phosphate                0.30
Ammonium bicarbonate               0.58
Sodium bicarbonate                     0.49
Vitamin mix                                  0.11
Flavours                                       0.21
Water                                         13.33

Critical ingredients

  1. Flour should not exceed 8.0 - 9.0% protein. Higher protein will result in a tough biscuit, particularly if it is overmixed.
  2. The vitamin mix should be developed to suit the local requirement.

Process, short moulded biscuits
Figure 1: Process for short moulded biscuits

Source: Biscuit, Cookie and Cracker Process and Recipes
Leading image:shutterstock_Khalilov Nodir

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