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Sesame Crackers

Sesame Crackers

How to make sesame crackers? The complete process, a different version of a recipe, critical ingredients and sesame seed application

1.  Description

A light, crispy cracker texture with sesame seeds deposited on top of the biscuit.

2.  Product specification

Dimensions: 64 x 47mm
Thickness: 5.8mm
Weight: 5.000g
Appearance: Evenly blistered
Colour: Golden
Texture: Light and crispy
Flavour: Sesame
pH: 5.5
Moisture: 2.5%

3. Formulations for sesame crackers

  (1) (2)
Flour 100.000 100.000
Powdered sugar 3.000 0.090
Invert syrup 70% 3.000 -
Malt extract 80% 2.000 0.090
Fat 12.000 11.700
Ammonium bicarbonate 1.000 -
Sodium bicarbonate 1.050 0.430
Acid calcium phosphate 1.100 -
Salt 0.900 1.330
Proteolytic enzyme 0.200 -
Yeast - 0.300
Sesame 0.370 0.370
Water 20.000 30.000
  144.620 144.310

Sesame crackers recipe

FIG 1 Sesame crackers

Critical ingredients

1. Flour should be weak with a protein content of 8-9% for recipe 1.

2. Recipe 2 uses a strong flour.

3. Proteolytic enzyme (proteinase).

Alternative recipes

Recipe 1 is a "Ritz" type recipe. Recipe 2 is a soda cracker type recipe with a 12 hour fermentation time (not sponge and dough).

4. Process:  Recipe (1)


An "all in" mix on a horizontal mixer

Temperature of about 33oC for enzyme doughs

Standing time

After mixing the dough is stood to allow the enzyme to react with the gluten. The standing time is about 3 hours at 35oC. The time must be determined carefully depending on the amount of enzyme and the quality of the flour in order to achieve the soft, delicate eating texture of the cracker.


The dough is sheeted, gauged and cut, (laminating is not required).

Typical roll gap settings are:

Sheeter: 12 mm
Gauge roll 1: 6 mm
Gauge roll 2: 3 mm
Gauge roll 3: 1.5 mm

Sesame seed application

Two alternative methods can be used. The seeds can be sprinkled before the final gauge roll, which will press them into the dough sheet. Alternatively the wash-over unit is used to apply water to the dough pieces and then the seeds are sprinkled before transfer to the oven.


Baking time           5.0 mins.

Temperatures:        220 / 220 / 220 / 180oC

High bottom heat in Zones 1 and 2 is required

Baking band:  Z47 wire-mesh band. Pre-heat is required

Formulation for sesame cracker

Recipe 3

Flour, soft 75.000
Flour, strong 25.000
Soya flour 1.361
Vegetable fat 8.845
Granulated sugar 0.907
Ammonium bicarbonate 1.361
Yeast 2.000
Salt 0.709
Sesame seeds 5.607
Water 32.000

 Biscuit, Cookie and Cracker Book

Leading image: Olga Popova/

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