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Importance of a Good Packaging Design

Every kind of design has improved through the century and now more than ever, good packaging design is a big part of successfully selling a product. Every year, 95 percent of new products fail. Biscuit and baking industry isn't any different because its primary focus is attracting customer’s attention (and offering a quality product of course) among the variety of similar products on the supermarket shelves.

When it comes to choosing products, we greatly rely on the visual because we are visual creatures, and that is in our nature. Carefully and meticulously design sell not just the product but the company itself. It represents what you and your biscuits, cookies or snacks are all about. There is whole science behind choosing the right colours, depending on what do you think is most appealing to your customer.

Good packaging design even sets the expectation for the price point of your product. We make assumptions on a product’s price point before we see a price tag. Once we’ve made those assumptions, we look at the price and decide either „this is a really good value” or “I can’t believe they are charging that much for this.” Your product's increase in desirability and perceived value can help you charge more for it.

What does make a packaging well designed?

There are several elements that need your attention if you want to present a well-designed product. As mentioned above, colour is a big part of it and so is the font, but that's not all. Shape of the package, materials used (quality if you want to ensure the feel of trustworthiness), lettering, the functionality of the packing itself, and to it all reflect your brand personality are some that need to be taken into consideration.

Some are classics while other follow trends, but one thing is agreed upon – the packaging should remain simple so the customers could get the information they want quickly and clearly. You have only a few seconds before their eye wanders to the next product.

This is a summary of what a good packaging design should consist of, according to Kristie Lorette of Chron:

  • Function - Product packaging not only protects the product during transit from the manufacturer to the retailer, but it also prevents damage while the product sits on retail shelves.
  • Attraction - Many companies conduct extensive research on colour schemes, designs and types of product packaging that is the most appealing to its intended consumer.
  • Promotion - Packaging also plays an important role for portraying information about the product.
  • Facilitates Purchase Decision - Packaging may also contain ingredients and nutritional information about the product. This information can help to sell the product because it allows potential customers to obtain the necessary information they need to make a purchase decision.
  • Differentiation - Because the product packaging can contain company names, logos, and the colour scheme of the company, it helps consumers to identify the product as it sits among the competition’s products on store shelves.

Yes, it basically comes down to judging the book by its covers if you're aiming to get new customers. Just think of this next time you're in your local grocery store picking up any packaged goods.

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