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Butter Coconut

Butter Coconut

1  Description

Very popular in South East Asia. A crisp, sweet cracker with coconut flavour.

2  Product specification

Dimensions:                              68 x 38 mm

Thickness:                                 5.6 mm

Weight:                                      5.0g

Appearance:                              Shiny, sugar glazed

Colour:                                      Golden

Texture:                                     Very light and crisp

Flavour:                                     Sweet with good coconut flavour

Moisture:                                   1.5%

Formulation for Butter Coconut

Recipe 1   

Flour 100.000
Vegetable oil 2.070
Butter 2.070
Lecithin 0.207
Caster sugar 20.704
SSDMP 1.035
Enzyme (Bio Bake BSC) 0.031
Enzyme (Profix 100P) 0.031
Salt 0.518
Ammonium bicarbonate 4.555
Coconut essence 0.104
Fine desiccated coconut 10.352
Water 33.126


Powdered sugar for topping 19% of dough weight

3 Two stage mixing process on a horizontal mixer

Stage 1

Vegetable oil, butter, coconut, flavour, ammonia in 50% of the water, lecithin, sugar, salt and milk powder. Mix at slow speed for 1 minute and at high speed for 1 minute.

Stage 2

Add flour and enzymes. Mix at slow speed for 2 minutes and approximately 6 minutes at high speed to a temperature of 35oC.

Standing time

Stand the dough for 120 minutes, maintaining the dough temperature after mixing.

Dough mixing as important part of production process

4  Forming

The dough is laminated with 4 laminations, approximately 3mm thick.

No fat/flour filling is used


FIG 1 Laminations

The lamination process in fermented crackers

The following are the recommended gauge roll settings

Gauge roll 1:                    6.0

Gauge roll 2:                    2.6

Gauge roll 3:                    1.3

5  Baking

Baking time: 6.0 minutes
Temperatures:  210 / 220 / 250 / 250 /180oC
Moisture:   Less than 1.5%


Baker Pacific Direct Gas Fired Oven

FIG 2. Baker Pacific Direct Gas Fired Oven

6  Glazing

Post bake heaters are required to melt the sugar for the glazed surface.

7  Cooling

A ratio of cooling to baking time should be at least 1.5:1 to avoid checking

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