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Biscuit Packaging: Last but not Least

Biscuit Packaging: Last but not Least

The packaging is amongst the last of the processes when it comes to biscuit production, but it can make-or-break a newly created brand.

We all have our favourite biscuit brands. It mostly comes down to personal taste and, well… the taste of the biscuits themselves. But we had to taste them first in order to determine they were our favourites, right?

So, what was it that drew you to buy that first package of your favourite biscuit brand? Did you see a funny commercial connected to the product and thought to yourself: “What the heck, I might as well try them”? Were you gifted a pack of cookies by your relatives or your parents when you were little, so they remind you of your childhood? Or was it something else?

Gifted pack of cookies

You might not think so, but it is highly likely that the packaging of the cookie brand was what incentivized you to buy the biscuits in the first place. Of course, the taste of the biscuits is still the most important aspect of the baked products. Taste is what kept you buying the biscuits after that first purchase. But looks are what drew you in.

This statement can be applied to real life as well. If you are single and looking for a new partner, chances are you will want to present yourself in the “best light” possible. Putting on a good outfit and applying a nice perfume are some of the ways you can do that. Of course, once you do find that special someone, it is your character and personality that will keep that person attached to you.

After reading the above example, we hope you have come to realise just how big of an impact a good-looking packaging can have on your purchases. The packaging is amongst the last of the processes when it comes to biscuit production, but it can make-or-break a newly created brand. That is why the major players in the biscuit industry hire professional graphic designers to, well… design their packages.

The impact packaging has on the environemnt should not be neglected either. More and more people are becoming aware of the pollution that the plastic products cause. Because of this, many people have taken to streets in order to protest the use of plastic containers and bags, pressuring their governments to find eco-friendly alternatives.

Vietnamese markets and shops have started using banana leaves as alternatives for packaging groceries, and the experiment has been a success. In this way, environmentalists are also affecting the way biscuit packages look and how they are manufactured.

Banana leaves packaging

Photo Source: Perfect Homes Chiang Mai 

There are numerous ways that a certain brand can try to catch your attention. From simplistic packaging with highly-saturated colours to packaging with a lot of shapes and text. In today’s article, we will be exploring the many aspects of biscuit packaging. We will be discussing the marketing tactics of the major brands and the most recent trends in the industry.

Biscuit Packaging Designs: The Trends and Strategies in the Modern Industry

Have you ever tried counting the number of available biscuit brands at your local store or supermarket? We know we would give up after counting up the first half, as there are so many brands and different varieties of cookies that it is simply not worth it. How then, to choose which cookies to buy from such a vast multitude of choices?

Well, in the modern world, there are numerous diets and lifestyles that many people choose to follow. But when we say diet, we do not mean refraining from sweets and fasting. There are diets that incorporate these snacks into their dietary plans. Rather, they refrain from certain ingredients that are considered unhealthy for the organism and well-being of a human.

But more on this latter… for starters, we would like to focus on those who do not follow any specific diet. What are the details that would catch your attention? You would probably “trust your guts” and rely on your perception to determine which cookies are the best. To help you make that choice, biscuit brands use a number of techniques to draw you in.

It is often said that “less is more”. In today’s world, that is especially true. People seek simplicity, for a number of myriad reasons. Many people work eight-hour shifts every day. They come home tired and they just want to relax, but they have to hop on to their stores in order to buy dinner for the night. When they come to the store, they do not want to be met with flashy designs and vibrant colours.

That is why many brands opt for simplistic designs with highly-saturated colours. This way, it is easy to highlight the most important aspects or ingredients of one’s product. Those same tired people can now easily glance over a brand and determine if that is the product that suits their needs. Since the brand helped the consumer, it is more likely that that consumer will choose that specific brand.

Another great way for the different brands to help their consumers is to actually show them what they are buying. You have probably seen this already but have not given it much thought. Who knows, you might have even been attracted by this trick without even realising it!

Basically, when we say: “show them what they are buying” we mean that the producers of different biscuit brands incorporate a kind of a “see-through” space in the packaging that shows their products. This is a great way to lure in potential new customers, as consumers are more likely to purchase products they can see before-hand.

Package sea-through

We also mentioned that people in the modern times follow different diets and lifestyles. Many of these diets steer away from certain ingredients, as they deem them unhealthy. As such, it is imperative for the different brands to make the list of ingredients on the packaging as easily accessible as possible.

The vegan trend is also becoming prevalent in the modern world. All the more reason why the different brands should pay attention to this important part of the production process. But, as it goes with any industry, trends change, and what works today might not work tomorrow.

That is why it is imperative to constantly analyse the consumer’s market and see which trends are in rise. Although the people of today seek the simple things in life, simplicity might become boring for the future generations. New and innovative packages full of vibrant colours and shapes might be needed in order to draw in new consumers.

Smaller Packaging’s Rise in Popularity: Size Does Matter!

To continue off of earlier statements: the people of today lead hectic lifestyles. As such, they want biscuits that easily fit into their timetable, and, more importantly, bags and briefcases. Size does matter after all. But what are the main reasons behind the rising popularity of small or bite-sized packages?

Well, there are several reasons behind this. We have mentioned the first reason above, and it is pretty self-explanatory. As many people would say: “Time is money” and the faster we can consume our daily need of nutrients, the better. Other reasons might include price and freshness of the products.

It is always good to have several options available, and not just when it comes to different biscuits brands! Many brands offer different-sized packages for different occasions. You might be at work and only have a half-hour break before you need to continue your shift. 

Or, for another example, you might be coming home after a long work-trip. You have not seen your family in a long time and wish to spend some quality-time with them. Why not but a family-sized package then? Chances are, if a biscuit confectionary goes out of their way to tailor their products to the needs of the consumer base, they are more likely to see an increase in their income.

Think about it. You certainly would not bring an XXL package of chips or biscuits with you to work, would you? You would not even have the time to consume the entire product; it would probably lose out on a lot of its freshness and taste, which would make your consumption of the product less enjoyable. Now, of course… we do not mean to say that you cannot buy the extra-large package. We all have a certain hunger from time-to-time that can’t be sated. What we want to say is that it is certainly good that we have those options available.

Another reason for the increasing popularity of smaller-sized packages are the prices. Some people can sate their hunger with only a couple of biscuits, while others cannot. It would not be fair to the first group to have to buy large packages and pay extra money when they can be satisfied with less. This is why it is beneficial for such people to be able to buy smaller packages; they save out on money and get to consume their favourite biscuits.

Of course, such trends also have an impact on the biscuit industry itself. The production lines in factories across the globe operate according to specific metrics. These same production lines can produce a finite number of biscuits of specific sizes, while still remaining efficient and sanitary. Messing around with the metrics might cause the products to not meet the sanitary needs.

That is why it is important to either: install new production lines (which costs a lot of money) OR to modify the existing lines to be able to produce smaller-sized biscuits. Of course, if going for the latter option, it is of highest importance for the manufacturers to make sure that the sanitary requirements are met.

Concluding Word: Five Biscuit Packaging Trends Which Impact the Industry

As a concluding word, we will list the five main trends that are currently impacting the biscuit industry and packaging. Some of these might have already been mentioned above, but the five main trends are:

  • single-serve packages,
  • flavour variety,
  • combination snacks,
  • health benefits
  • and resealability.

Most of these are pretty self-explanatory, but we will dive further into detail about these trends, nonetheless. For starters, what are the main factors behind these trends making such an impact on the biscuit industry (and the food industry as a whole)?

The main reason behind this is the most prominent consumer base: the so-called millennials. Millennials are those people born from the 1980s to the 2000s. They are the driving force behind today’s economy, as most of them are now employed. Millennials are those who shape the modern marketing trends, as befits a major consumer base. These trends are very important as they represent the consumer base, their possibilities and their way of life.

Packaging snack

As was previously mentioned, it is always beneficial to be able to choose from multiple options. That is why flavour variety is very important. If the different brands did not have different flavour available, chances are, their consumer base would get bored of their products and would turn to their competitors to satisfy their need for a different taste palate.

This is where the earlier-mentioned simplicity comes into play. Different flavours need different packaging in order for the consumers to able to differentiate them. This of course entails the instalment of new production lines and cooperation with graphic designers to create these new packages. Simple designs help to reduce the cost of production while also helping consumers easily find what they need.

Resealing is another important factor in deciding which biscuits to buy. Consumers, in this case, millennials, are more likely to buy biscuits which they can store for later consumption. This way, the product does not lose out on its taste. This can in turn lead people to buy larger packages. Of course, the new packaging would require a new investment, but by making this minimalistic change, one is more than likely to attract new customers, profiting in the end.

These are just some of the examples in which the modern trends shape the biscuit industry. They are sure to change in the future, as new generations rise to prominence and start to set their own trends. We hope you have learned something new about the ways packages impact your decisions, the trends that set their design and how certain, minimal changes can lead you to purchase the products of the competition.

Packaging Statistics

Packaging Inphographic

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