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Scrapless Design

As we all know, one of the main topics is cost reduction. In the field of biscuits, and specifically in the production of hard biscuits and / or crackers with rotary cutters, the main problem is perhaps the one related with scraps. In fact, most of hard biscuits also involves the production of scraps which cannot always be recovered and even if they can, such recovery often compromises the phase of its reuse.

Errebi Technology, always careful to the various needs of its customers, has been studying the best solutions to keep costs low, looking for the optimal lay out arrangements with the right ratio between scrap width and distance between shapes in order to exploit the dough sheet as much as possible. However, Errebi Technology has also developed scrapless lay outs which are necessary in the case of particular products such as doughs sheets with inclusions or multi-layer sheets, where the recovery of the scraps is almost unthinkable. In these cases, by combining the right inclinations of the shapes, with an optimal cutting angle and playing with the different speeds of the belts and the shrinkage of the sheet, we can make scrapless products, and exploit 100% of the dough sheet. When necessary, if the products after the oven are not yet completely separated, small pressure rollers can be installed.

Thanks to the careful study of the technical team of Errebi Technology, this concept can also be exploited for the production of particular snacks or crackers or even hard biscuits, playing on a configuration of the various products stuck like a puzzle. So even the problem of scraps can be overcome thanks to the constantly updated study that Errebi Technology applies every day. We therefore invite you to contact us for further details and for sketches that our team develops and proposes every day.

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