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Recovery Fund Recovery Scraps

During these days there has been a lot of talk about the "recovery fund", a very topic expression that is more current than ever, if not of historical significance. In Errebi Technology if we replace the word "fund" with "scraps" we can say that the expression "recovery scraps" is very familiar and we can say that we are still talking about economy ... In fact with "recovery scraps" we mean to recover dough scraps making it possible to produce perforated products not only for soft biscuits but also for hard products.

Perforated products are an interesting alternative in order to reduce production costs. In fact it is a question of proposing the same classic shapes, or new shapes, but with the addition of passing holes allowing to obtain a biscuit with the same size as the original product, but lighter, with less dough, and with a consequent greater margin of profit for the biscuit manufacturer. In other words, an "elegant" way to reduce costs, by reducing the quantity without reducing the quality of the product. Now, if for a soft biscuit process the presence of passing holes is not a problem, in a hard biscuit the creation of passing holes would not be possible without an adequate technology that allows the recovery of scaps, the "recovery scraps" actually.

Errebi Technology has designed simple and innovative solutions that allow to be applied to any type of cutting line, without particular interventions or adjustments on the existing line. If you think about creating something new allowing you at the same time to reduce your production costs, Errebi Technology team is available to find the best solution with you!

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