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Errebi Technology: Much More Than a Simple Cookie Mould

Associating Errebi Technology brand with the production of cookie moulds is not complete since our mission is also integrated with the production of moulds for ice cream and for pet food. Once again, the technology and the choice of materials are fundamental: if from one side they must guarantee the release of extremely particular and abrasive doughs, on the other side the precision in weight and thickness is an essential prerogative for ice cream biscuits.

The tolerances in the measurements are essential in an automation process of the lines, as well as uniformity of weight and thickness so that the individual pieces can perfectly match in the creation of the ice cream sandwich. And this has been well recognized by the major manufacturers of ice cream biscuits who for years have chosen Errebi Technology as a reliable partner for the success of their projects. In fact, we recall how often compensation at the level of the mould is necessary to ensure uniformity of thickness.

Without forgetting the study of the configuration of the docker pins, elements which are equally important to ensure uniformity of thickness. If the choice in the configuration, design and measurements of these docker pins is not adequate, the regularity of the final product is lost. And if precision and accuracy are the keywords for the perfect realization of an ice cream mould, we can say that product release and 3D designs are keywords for a mould for the production of pet-food, a market that has seen a progressive growth in recent years worldwide. T

he care for pets has pushed the various companies to create increasingly targeted products in the diets of our little friends, focusing on foods with nutritional content, rich in nutrients and balanced, putting Errebi Technology in an increasingly challenging position to find the right solution and compromise for doughs that are difficult to release or very abrasive for the mould. The search for ever more specific materials is therefore a constantly evolving challenge, without forgetting that these materials are accompanied by certificates of suitability for being in contact with food. In short: who says that Errebi Technology is "only" cookie moulds? As a matter of fact, it is no longer just this: Errebi Technology is now a name that goes beyond a simple cookie mould.

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