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Why our Endless Woven AmDough Belts are the best choice for handling your Biscuit Dough!

Why our Endless Woven AmDough Belts are the best choice for handling your Biscuit Dough!

Why our Endless Woven AmDough Belts are the best choice for handling your Biscuit Dough!

One basic demand in bakeries is that dough should not stick to the conveyor or process belt. Two methods of dough forming are an exception:

  • Rotary moulder
  • Rotary cutter


Bakery Production

Extraction process

Dough is pressed into a rotating moulder drum that forms the shape of the biscuits.

  • The belt is squeezed between the moulding and pressure drums.
  • Then the belt releases, creating a suction effect at the same time.
  • Moisture and fat from the dough are absorbed into the belt so that the moulded dough sticks to the belt.
  • The formed dough then travels with the belt and is extracted from the moulding drum.

Cutting process

A rotating cutter (or knife) cuts the biscuit shape into the layer of dough.

  • The layer of dough is transported over the belt.
  • As the dough passes the cutting drum, the biscuit form is cut out and pressed onto the belt.
  • The remaining dough around the biscuits is guided onto a separate scrap conveyor belt for re-use.
  • The biscuit forms are then transferred to the oven feeding belt.

Release process

At the end of both processes, the belt is pulled over a knife edge.

  • Moisture and fat are forced to the top surface of the belt, thus forming a film.
  • This effect, combined with the sharp bending and stretching of the belt over the knife edge, releases the fragile biscuit dough from the belt surface so that it can continue to the oven.


How to select AmDough Endless Woven Belts

The extraction and release characteristics are determined by three main factors:

  1. Absorption capacity
  2. Weave pattern
  3. Belt thickness

Absorption capacity

This is determined by the content and combination of materials: cotton, flax, polyamide and polyester. Cotton and flax can absorb 20 to 25% of moisture, polyamide 4% and polyester 0.4%.

The belt with the highest absorption capacity is the AmDough 100.

Maximum extraction performance from the moulder drum requires a high absorption factor, and best release characteristics on the knife edge transfer call for a low absorption factor. This means that an ideal balance is needed to achieve both good extraction and good release. When different dough types are processed on the same line, one of the two universal AmDough Belt types can be used.

Weave pattern

The pattern and amount of air between dough and belt influence the dough release. Plain and twill weave have a more open surface than broken twill. The weave type to be applied depends on the composition and shape of the dough.

Belt thickness

A thinner belt can run over the smallest knife edge and follow its shape very closely to allow for good release of the thinnest products.

Standard product range

  • AmDough 100
  • AmDough 90
  • AmDough 80
  • AmDough 70
  • AmDough 60
  • AmDough 50
  • AmDough 40
  • AmDough 20

There is a linear relationship between the AmDough absorption numbers:

Heavy dough


high degree of moisture

AmDough Belt with higher absorption factor

Light dough


low degree of moisture

AmDough Belt with lower absorption factor

So why choose an Endless Woven AmDough Belt?

  • Less headache, better yield and longer life
    AmDough Belts are manufactured to high quality standards. The bottom side is impregnated with wear resistant PU to maintain the belt shape and to prevent narrowing. Cord yarns are used to increase wear resistance, and polyamide to reinforce the selvedges. Strong flax yarns in the weft ensure lateral stability. As a result, their extended belt life and continuous absorption capacity make the Endless Woven AmDough Belts very cost-effective.
  • Consistent product quality
    AmDough Belts have consistent extraction and release properties. Biscuit tails are limited to a minimum because low drum pressure is required to get optimum demoulding. These characteristics ensure smooth biscuit transfer without any interruption or deformation of the formed dough.
  • Trouble-free dough processing
    The main benefit of Endless Woven AmDough Belts is the absence of a splice or seam, thus ensuring continuous absorption and smooth product transfer. Scrapers can easily remove remnant dough without damaging the belt.
  • The optimum solution for every dough type
    Endless Woven AmDough Belts are suitable for all biscuit dough types. Their components are safe and transmit no colour, taste or smell to the biscuit products. The absence of antistatic fibres means that the belts can be used in combination with metal detectors.


For more information about our AmDough products download the AmDough brochure from our website: AmDough Brochure

Ammeraal Beltech knows about industrial bakeries. When the company was founded in 1950, the first belt ever produced was an Endless Woven bakery belt. Since then, we have been gathering experience and expanding our knowledge, and all of this benefits our customers.

Ammeraal Beltech is a major supplier to the food industry in general and to biscuit bakeries in particular. The biscuit bakery industry requires high-performance and long-lasting dough handling belts. Ammeraal Beltech is a reliable supplier of both.

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