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New alternative for running the Hagberg Falling Number test

Amylab FN by CHOPIN Technologies presents a new alternative: faster, easier and safer method for running the Hagberg Falling Number test.

Flour made from sprouted cereals with high amylase activity may lead to significant problems like sticky dough, bread with low volume and excessively red crust. Consequently, it is very important for the industry to detect and isolate sprout damaged loads of grain as early as possible.

The Hagberg Falling Number method was developed in the early 1960’s to provide a rapid means of determining the α-amylase activity in sprout damaged wheat or rye. This method is widely accepted today and is standardized by international organizations such as the ICC, AACCI, ISO and ASBC.

CHOPIN Technologies has developed the Amylab FN. It measures α-amylase activity following:

– the standard Hagberg Falling Number method, or
– the new, unique and faster Testogram method.

The Amylab FN features a new testing method called Testogram. Instead of measuring the time required for the plunger to fall down the tube and go through the starch gel sample (which takes between 60 and 500 seconds depending on the sample, average 325 seconds), it records the consistency during 90 seconds of constant shaking and determines if there is sprout damage in the sample. At the end of the 90 second test, it gives an accurate prediction of the traditional FN value. As a result, the Testogram method test is providing an average of 66% more productivity to the user, compared to the standard Falling Number Method.

The Testogram protocol may also be adjusted to directly, accurately and quickly measure the impact of added fungal amylase, used to optimize flour enzyme activity.

No matter which method the operator is choosing to use, the Amylab FN features several additional key innovations that are completely unique to FN instruments.
– Instead of the standard boiling water bath, the Amylab FN uses an induction heating system that is safer (no boiling water). This provides greater accuracy in the results.
– Instead of the standard glass tube (breakable, difficult to clean), the Amylab FN uses a reusable test tube made of aluminum, with a removable bottom, which makes it very quick and easy to clean.
– The instrument is operated by a user-friendly application on a 7″ touch screen.

All of these features make the Amylab FN the instrument of choice for anyone interested in measuring α-amylase activity in a quick, safe, reliable, and accurate way.



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