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Natural flavourings in demand as commodity prices rocket

International Taste Solutions (ITS) says that it is seeing rising demand for its cost-effective natural flavourings as commodity prices rocket.


The Newbury-based company offers a range of high-quality natural flavourings including alternatives for vanilla and butter, two ingredients for which prices have soared. Rising demand and a decline in milk production have caused butter prices to double this year in Europe.

Using ITS’ butter flavourings range allows bakery and processed food firms to reduce the amount of butter required in a recipe, rebuilding mouthfeel, body and taste as butter levels are reduced. ITS’ wide range of brown, cream and butter natural flavourings work in different product applications such as cakes, sponges and shortbread - to enhance their flavour. Using butter flavouring is also an optimal solution for reducing the amount of fat in baked goods- in line with healthy eating trends.

Meanwhile, vanilla is a very popular flavouring as it can increase the indulgent nature of a product while reducing the amount of sugar used, due to its natural sweet notes. It has a complex flavour composition with profiles such as anise, caramel, smoky, woody, creamy, floral notes and fruitiness and other nuances. However, the price of vanilla has also soared to a record high. Madagascar, which produces 85% of the world’s vanilla beans, is rebuilding its vanilla vines after a cyclone in April 2017. ITS is seeing rising demand for its wide range of vanilla flavourings to suit the different product applications and flavour notes desired by consumers. ITS’ range of natural flavourings, including butter and vanilla, allow manufacturers to launch cost-effective and lighter versions of their best sellers without compromising on taste or texture.

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