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In the baking: Biscuit People Conference 2019

The 2nd Biscuit People Conference will take place from April 3rd to April 6th in the Hotel Park Plaza Histria, Pula, Croatia. Fifteen speakers will present their topics to about 100 interested biscuit professionals.


What's in the oven?

After the success of the 1st Biscuit People Conference that was held in April 2018 in Rovinj (Rovigno), Croatia, we are organizing the conference once again and expect even more participants than last year. More specifically, there will be 15 speakers and about 100 biscuit professionals from all over the world (compared to 12 speakers and about 60 attendees in 2018).

The Biscuit People Conference is an event for the biscuit industry professionals which is built around sessions with the goal to identify challenges in the industry and offer their solutions. Each of the speakers delivers their own topic from which discussion evolves. The attendees (but also other speakers) are encouraged to ask questions, exchange their experience, ideas, knowledge and solutions.

The company is already trying to answer questions important to the biscuit industry on this website by featuring articles written by the industry experts. Additionally, thanks to our cooperation with IPCO AB and their support, we have introduced TechTalks, a forum specifically designed for biscuit professionals. This addition was made to make sure that we are an online space that covers as many challenges in the industry as possible in a timely fashion. 

However, we have recognized the need for an offline event that would enable everyone in the biscuit industry to discuss these issues in person. The advantages of online and offline will be used during the conference by using the above mentioned TechTalks forum for asking questions to the speakers.

Marijo Lijić, founder and CEO of biscuit people, opening the 1st Biscuit People Conference
Marijo Lijić, founder & CEO of biscuit people, opening the 1st Biscuit People Conference
(Photo: Emina Vujnovac/biscuit people)

The registrations will start on April 3rd, while the conference will be officially opened and start with sessions on April 4th.

The keynote speaker will be Roberto Manuel Pineda Tamez,  a Biscuit and crackers Consultant who used to work at PepsiCo as an R&D Senior Director. He will present the first topic of the conference with the title “Managing and structuring R&D and PD areas to support Innovation process”.

Alice Tempel Costa, the Senior Regulatory & Scientific Affairs Manager at CAOBISCO who spoke at the 1st edition of the conference, will be with us again with updates on EU Regulations impacting cereal/cereal products.

Alice Tempel Costa speaking at the 1st Biscuit People Conference
Alice Tempel Costa speaking at the 1st Biscuit People Conference
(Photo: Emina Vujnovac/biscuit people)

On April 4th, we’ll also hear the following speakers and topics:

  • Bojan Tomić: Challenges in Jaffa cakes production: raw material quality and process parameters (experiential)
  • Annelyse Bartolo: Checking in crackers
  • Jean-Philippe Guillot: Preservation of product: Methodology for the leak measurement and integrity control in order to optimize breathability of packages
  • Grégory Véricel: Selection and Evaluation of Rice Flours for Gluten-Free Cookies
  • Denis Leleu: Are you ready for the future

The second day of sessions will be opened by a topic presented by Sonia Maria Broglio, titled “Alternatives in ingredients to meet a clean label”. This topic will cover:

  • Overview of requirements in clean label around the world
  • Ingredients to be changed
  • Alternatives in natural sweeteners
  • Alternatives for dairies or animal proteins
  • Alternatives for artificial antioxidants
  • Alternatives for gluten-free products, etc.

We’ll continue with the following speakers and topics:

  • Jeroen Demeurisse: Oil and fat solutions for cookies and biscuits
  • Christian Jonassen: Protein Enrichment in Biscuits
  • Maria Padurean: Nutritional improvement driven by consumer’s needs in fine bakery
  • Daniel Bossel: The influence of biscuit market trends on development and innovation in the packaging industry
  • Franca Luppi: How the manufacture of biscuits moulds and cutters in terms of innovation have been affected by customers’ needs and trends
  • Iain Davidson: Designing and building biscuit, cookie and cracker baking ovens
  • Peter Otten: Tunnel oven belt issues

Apart from gaining new knowledge from the sessions, the attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about Croatian Istria while exploring its beauties.

Currently, confirmed sponsors of the event are Anéolia (France), CHOPIN Technologies (France), Steinhaus GmbH (Germany), Arla Foods Ingredients (Denmark), Makprogres d.o.o. - Vincinni (North Macedonia), and Croatian Osijek-Baranja County.

It’s also important to note that thanks to the cooperation with Iain Davidson, one of the speakers at the conference, all people who buy a ticket for the conference will be able to buy two books which he authors at 30% discount. The books in question are Biscuit, Cookie and Cracker Production, 1st Edition and Biscuit Baking Technology, 2nd Edition, both available on Elsevier website.


The conference will take place in the hotel Park Plaza Histria, Pula, Croatia. The hotel is situated at the tip of the Verudela Peninsula, less than 50 meters from the beach. The ancient city of Pula is within walking distance, and it’s also close to the National Park Brijuni and Lighting Giants. A range of shops, boutiques, art galleries and dining venues are available on the lively Verudela shopping avenue, which connects the resort with the neighbouring Park Plaza Verudela Pula resort.

The Pula Arena
The Pula Arena

Pula (Italian: Pola) is the largest city in Istria County, Croatia and the eighth largest city in the country. It used to be Istria’s administrative centre, but Pazin took that role in 1991 when Croatia proclaimed its independence. Most famous for its Roman amphitheatre popularly called Pula Arena, this city is full of history. That rich history is also one of the reasons why many of its residents speak Italian (and some other languages) fluently. In fact, Italian is recognized as an official language in Istria County although Italians make only 6% of the population. We talk more about this beautiful city on our conference website in the article Pula: An ancient city perfect for modern-time events.

How can you participate?

If you still haven’t, you can buy the tickets on the official conference website which are currently available at the birdy price valid until March 1. The website also features all the info regarding the conference on that website. If you prefer social media as a source of information, you can follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn to be informed of all updates, or choose Interested/Going on our Facebook Event Page to follow updates related only to the Biscuit People Conference 2019.

If you are a company and would like to sponsor the event, you can still do that, too! See our sponsorship options and apply here. We’ll be happy to have you as a part of our project.

Register today and stay on top of what’s happening in the biscuit industry, expand your business network and enjoy in beautiful Croatia. The number of seats is limited so be sure you don’t miss your spot!



“A huge round of applause to Marijo and the amazing team at Biscuit People for having such a lively and rewarding event! I am thrilled to be part of such a vivid, vibrant and professional community!”

- Nicoleta Florescu


“Once again, I would like to congratulate Biscuit people team for the launch and organization of the Biscuit people conference in Croatia. I think this conference was necessary to all industry members, regardless of other congresses in the market.”

- Darinka Andrašek, Kraš Plc


“We had a fantastic time in Rovinj. The conference was excellent and the activities that you organised were fantastic. We will definitely be attending next year.”
- Jack Proctor, Nimbus Foods Ltd

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