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Metamorphosis of the Biscuit Rollers Following the Metamorphosis of the Biscuits

Over the years the biscuit has deeply changed and transformed, going from a simple piece of baked dough into something more and more sophisticated both in terms of shape and ingredients and recipes. This has led to a metamorphosis of the machines and specifically of the mould that from a simple forming roller at Errebi Technology has evolved into something increasingly sophisticated, accurate and highly technological. The protagonists of this scene are the biscuit producers on one side and the biscuit consumers on the other side, both engaged in mutual interaction considering that the biscuit producers offer something that can (or cannot) be accepted by the consumers. And such consumers, from their side, ask for something that cookie manufacturers may or may not achieve.

Over the last few years the experience of Errebi Technology, thanks to its R&D studies in terms of materials and designs, has made it ever more possible to carry out projects that seemed impossible for their shape, or kind of dough recipe or size required . To make things even more complex, increasingly severe legislation has been added in the use of materials. And here Errebi Technology is once again engaged in the search for innovative materials that offer excellent performance in terms of time and lasting, but always in line with the respect of food certifications. And not only that: the same format of biscuit factories has for the most part changed from a single owner who used to choose the products with which to go on the market, to groups increasingly dependent on other brands (production for third parties) which dictate reads at the level of design, timing etc.

Without forgetting the costs involved with the production. Well, Errebi Technology takes care of all these issues by seeking for each particular case the most suitable solution for the creation of a mould that is not a simple dough moulding tool, but rather a precious means that allows to satisfy needs with multiple facets: the creation of a high quality and accurate defined biscuit trying to limit the costs involved in the process. And in this regard, we like to close with a quote by John Ruskin saying "It is important not to pay much but worse is to pay little. When you pay a lot you spend some money; but be careful because when you pay a little, the risk is to lose everything, because what you bought most likely will not be up to doing the job for which it was bought "...

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